last cut date

Account cut date. It shows the calculation date of the expenditures you made in the related period.

Credit card expenses incurred after the account cut-off date are calculated in the following month and reflected as debt.

 Minimum payment amount. It shows the maximum amount to be paid for the period debt on the due date.
This amount varies according to credit card limits. If the credit card limit is between 1 – 14.999 TL, at least 30% of the period debt, between 15.000 – 19.999 TL 35%, 20.000 and above 40% must be paid.
If the minimum payment amount is not paid, extra expenses such as delay interest, delay notification fee are reflected to the consumer.
Even if the minimum payment amount is paid, if the entire period debt is not paid, the interest on overdue period debt is charged.

Interest on. On the credit card statement, the shopping interest rate, the cash withdrawal interest rate and the overdue interest rate are in their current form.

In addition to the statement, credit card debt inquiries can be made from the branches, internet branches, mobile branches, ATMs and telephone banking of the related bank.

Credit card debt payments can be made through the same channels as well as through the payment channels of different banks.

If the credit card is requested to be canceled, the credit card can be canceled by writing a credit card cancellation petition if there is no debt.

In case the credit cards are stolen and the information is lost or lost, it must be closed by calling the relevant bank’s call center or via the internet, branch and mobile branch.

For safe use, it is important that the number information and four-digit passwords on the credit card are not shared with anyone.

In internet shopping, consumers should pay attention to shopping from reliable e-commerce sites.

The credit card can be used with the four-digit password that you have determined during the purchase through the POS Device at the member merchants, with the number information on the card on the e-commerce sites and by contactless POS devices with NFC standard and payment transactions can be made.

Updated: 13 Ağustos 2019 — 20:10

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